Toilet Seat Brisa

(Ref. 096.00)

High quality lavatory lid with an ergonomic and comfortable elaborated design. The raw material used in its manufacturing makes it strong and very resistant to cleaning products, such as acetone or alcohol, for a perfect hygienic maintenance.

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Tapa WC Modelo Brisa

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Medidas Tapa WC Modelo Brisa - TUGRISAN

Material: ABS

Weight: 2.250 Gr

Units/box: 6

Color:  White

Hinge: 3 kind of  hinges available.

Soft Close Hinge

Soft Close Hinge

Inox Rotable Hinge

Inox Rotable Hinge

Standard Hinge

Standard Hinge

Hinges– Assembly Instructions:

Adjustable Toilet Seat.

Adaptable to most common toilets of market.

ROCA: Victoria – Lucerna


BELLAVISTA: Amadeus – Capri – Gaeta – Nerja – Triana

GALA: Elia

JACOB DE LA FONT: Atila – Venus – Apolo – Neptuno – Atenea

VALADARES: Europ plus

VILLEROY: Villeroy

PORCHER: Aspirambo

PORSAN: Clásica – Venecia

SANGRÁ: Venecia – Granada nuevo

SANITANA: Munique 

OTHER MODELS: Measure your toilet and compare with our dimensions.

  • Use soapy water to clean.
  • Do not use abrasive products using chlorine as hidrocloric acid, aromatic or concentrated acids.
  • If you use any of these for cleaning porcelanic, always lift the seat, they degrade.
  • Do not use scourers.


Our toilet seats are adaptable to most common toilets of market. If you have any doubt, take measurements before.

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Toda la información de TUGRISAN en tu correo

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