Since 1983, making innovations in Plastic Inyection Molding


Dedicated to plastic injection since 1983.

Constant Innovation in Toilet Seat

We are always investigating and improving our toilet seats because of request of the market.

Consequently, nowadays we can offer excellent quality and new creations. Such as TAPIDET, toilet seat + bidet.

We care the Enviroment

Our products and their packaging are fully removable to facilitate the perfect recycling of all its components. We know how important it is and we are committed.

For this, we have the adequate machinery to recycle any waste that produces our products. To avoid harming the environment.

Experts in Plastic Injection Molding

We have experienced staff, which supports us in our sector. We are able to inject almost all kind of industrial pieces. From smalls 40 gr, up to 7 kg.

Thanks to our professionalism gotten into the other markets such as automotive, furniture, electronics, agriculture, etc.

 First of all, we continue to innovate and are open to new suggestions from our customers about our work, before the possible implementation of any new product.

Investing New Technologies and R & D

In recent years, we have invested in new machinery and robotics art. In order to improve the quality of products and to create more complex items.


Our toilet seats are screwed from above ( system expansion) . You do not have to bend down to place.



Dedicated to manufacturing bathrooms accesories. Experts in toilets seats.

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